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Finding The Right Motorcycle

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harley cafe racer motorcycle

With so many options it can be difficult to decide on a motorcycle. Do you want speed, leisure, style, modern, vintage and the list goes on. One of the more popular styles these days is the cafe racer. Cafe Racers are vintage bikes that have been modified to be light and quick. They’ve become more and more stylish and popular in the last decade. If you’re a harley fan buying a sportster and putting in some work to turn it into a cafe racer motorcycle might be just what you need to set you apart! Let’s face it, a lot of people have your standard harley and/or chopper. When you give it your unique touch and turn it into a cafe motorcycle or brat people are going to be lining up to ask you about your bike. Take our word for it! If you want to find a used bike, check out this cool new classifieds site

Facts about Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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The Harley Davidson Motorcycle has been popular for close to a century now. A lot of motorcycle riders love to ride their Harley Davidson motorcycles because they know that the features of this kind of motorcycle are very unique. However, there are some interesting facts that some people don’t know about the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Below is a list of some interesting facts about this popular motorcycle brand.

Harley Davidson

1. The blueprint of the first Harley Davidson motorcycle is meant for a bicycle.

The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was actually created from a blueprint drawn by William Harley in 1901. The funny thing about this blueprint is that it is meant to be for a bicycle. The blueprint of the bicycle has different features from an ordinary bicycle so Davidson thought to make a vehicle that is somehow similar to a bicycle but has features better than a bicycle’s features.

2. Harley Davidson won its first every motorcycle race the same year that the motorcycle factory hired a full-time employee.

It was in 1905 when the Milwaukee Wisconsin Harley Davidson factory first hired a full-time employee. Before 1905, the factory only hired part-time workers. Amazingly, Harley Davidson won its first ever motorcycle in the same year.

3. Janet Davidson who is said to be the first woman to ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle did not really ride on the motorcycle.

Janet Davidson is said to be the first woman to ride in the Harley Davidson motorcycle. However, there is still some speculation as to whether the motorcycle that she used was running or not. According to some reliable informants, Janet was only helping out with the pin striping and painting of the motorcycle and she did not ride on it. Either way, Janet is still considered as the first woman to sit on the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

4. The first ever Harley Davidson motorcycle used tomato as its carburetor.

Surprisingly, it was discovered that the first ever Harley Davidson motorcycle used tomato as its carburetor. The reason for this is unknown. Some said that it happened because of lack of money or just for the sake of creativity.

5. The legendary V-twin motorcycle was first seen in 1909.

Even after a short time after the opening of the motorcycle factory, the Harley Davidson legendary V-twin motorcycle was already seen in 1909. The V-twin motorcycle was really amazing because of its speed and new features. All of the riders back then love to use this motorcycle when they wanted to have a ride because of the cool look of the motorcycle.

6. Malcom Forbes, who owned 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles, only used the motorcycles when he reached the age of 40.

Malcom Forbes is the owner of the Forbes Magazine. He owned 50 Harley Davidson Motorcycles but he only used his motorcycles when he reached the age of 40. He loved the motorcycles and he gave some of the motorcycles he owned as special gifts to his family and friends.

Indeed, there are many interesting facts about Harley Davidson motorcycles. The Harley Davidson motorcycle is a really great motorcycle so you should definitely try it.